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The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant Team

What is a Virtual Assistant? A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office using today's technology to deliver their services and communicate with clients. ( … and a Virtual … [Read More...]


6 Important Social Media Marketing Tips

Guest post by Angie Nelson of  The Work at home Wife and The Best Direct Selling Companies (more information about her can be found after this post) Social media marketing is important, but much of the problem of new home business owners is that everyone and their website are getting into the act. That means that you’ll have to get ahead of … [Read More...]


Balancing Life As a Work At Home Mom Entrepreneur

Guest Post by Tamyka Washington, Founder of Marketing Her Way  Balancing Life As a Work At Home Mom Entrepreneur   Anyone who has been building their dream and living the entrepreneur lifestyle, understands what a challenge it all can be. It requires a lot of hard work, long hours and total dedication.   When you add … [Read More...]

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How To Create Residual Income From A Home-based Business

If you ask anyone who is running a home-based or online business they will tell you the ultimate goal is for their business to eventually generate a residual income they can live off of after covering business expenses. While I daydream of that scenario myself there are some steps we can take to help us get to that goal and I’d like to explore … [Read More...]


Finding legit work at home opportunities without hurting your pockets

  Finding a legit work at home opportunity can initially be a very overwhelming and even intimidating process.  There are many different types of opportunities and so many people trying to pull you to their methods of making money online. But how do you know what to follow and more importantly, how to keep your money in your pockets?  Let’s … [Read More...]


Why I decided to start my own virtual assistant team on Elance

  When I first started offering virtual assistant services to my clients, I had no clue that I would receive an abundant flow of clients! I do not call myself an expert per say in having all the skills necessary to be an "all around" VA but I am very good at being a leader and manager of a virtual assistant team who brings all your … [Read More...]

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The Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant Team

So you ask the question... What are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant Team? I currently manage a team of VA's who work primarily on Elance. I decided to go this route because of the advantages of having a multi-talented team of experts that can do just about anything when it comes to handling daily tasks for our clients. Our team is … [Read More...]

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6 things to look for when hiring a Virtual Assistant

I am sure you are hearing the buzz that more entrepreneurs are turning to virtual assistants to help assist them with their daily tasks. It definitely isn't anything new as this has been happening more often throughout the years. Some of the questions that I am asked by a business entrepreneur is Can we really get the job done? Are we really … [Read More...]

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Who is Arise Virtual Solutions?

Hey everyone, I have been asked my opinion of Arise Virtual Solutions and figured I would write a blog about my previous experience while partnered with one of the largest virtual corporations called Arise Virtual Solutions. First off,  you want to first understand that this is NOT an employee position. You are considered an independent … [Read More...]

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Is Working From Home Becoming he New Trend?

“Is working from home becoming the “new trend”? It seems as if more women and even men are deciding that working from home may very well be the best solution to fit their lifestyle and solve the issues to their problems. If we take in consideration of the varying costs of gas, daycare costs, mileage and layoffs; it definitely makes a lot of … [Read More...]