Getting out of debt once and for all!

My husband (Joseph)  and I made the decision to share our testimony of how we got into and the steps we have taken to get OUT OF DEBT. We share this story unashamed, without guilt and with hopes that our story will challenge others to make that decision (as hard as it may be) to get out of debt with GAZELLE INTENSITY (Dave Ramsey)

Here it goes…………………….

At the age of 19- I field for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

At the age of 20- I had my baby daughter Ny’Dia (Single mom in Debt)

At the age of 24- Hubby and I got married, I was in a Chapter 13 at the time and hubby had filed Chapter 7 before our marriage. (Married In Debt) Hubby had good credit but at that time he wanted to please me so we slowly allowed ourselves to get back into heavy debt.

Moved 8 times, Changed Schools 8 times. Stay at home mom, Work Hard Hubby/Dad.

Around the age of 26, I had already maxed out my student loans because I enjoyed getting that huge financial aid refund back each semester.

At the age of 27- I started my own business, grew a successfully VA team of over 15 women. (BUT Still in debt)

At the age of 28- I closed down both my businesses to focus on what mattered most: My marriage, my family and being debt free.

Around the age of 28- Hubby followed behind me and max out his loans as well.

Welp, no more school refunds and no more college even though we only had 9-10 courses left between the two of us.

Struggled to make ends meet, and my Chapter 13 got dismissed because we couldn’t afford the payments. Got behind again on credit debt, medical bills and ended up filing for a Chapter 13 again TOGETHER.

At the age of 30- We converted our Chapter 13 into a Chapter 7 because HEY rich white people do it all the time. (that was our mindset)

Got back into more credit card debit, more medical bills, and consolidated our student loans into one and currently no payments because of the income.

At the age of 31- we have been in our apartment for a year and half (no moving for a  year now, and finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel)

Student loans, (136,000) medical bills and car loan still due.

Many thoughts of divorce. Many discussions of divorce. Many tears. Many arguments. Many struggles. Many decisions. LOVE outweighed them all.
AND NOW At the age of 32- (4 KIDS LATER AND ANOTHER ON THE WAY) We are now on the Dave Ramsey’s Program. Have put aside our $1,000 Emergency fund. Have paid all of our monthly bills up to current and now working to pay off all of our debt. We have cut up all of our credit cards, (no we don’t need credit cards to survive)

We were close to buying a home next year (2017) but GOD said NO!! Get yourself in more debt then you already are? NOT A GOOD MOVE.

We are now off Food Stamps and our kids are now off Medicaid. We relied on the system on and off for 5 years. (We now pay for our health insurance)

How did all of this happen? Carelessness, Laziness, Lack of Self Control, BEING IRRESPONSIBLE, Lack of Focus, Immature, NO BUDGET, NO PLAN. NO SAVINGS. Did you know that your FICO score is there to show debtors how well you take care of your DEBT? It’s not there to show others debt FREE you are. Let that thought sink in.

Hubby and I are living witnesses of how real the struggle is. We could have given up on each other. We could have thrown in the towel but we didn’t. We made the decision to get our mindsets in order and work together because we got into this mess together. It may be 2-4 years until we see the debt snowball show 0 but I can guarantee it WILL BE DONE. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that being in debt is LIFE. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s cool to be in JUST A LITTLE BIT OF DEBT. God hates when we are slave to the lender. There is NO SCRIPTURE that says that he loves debt. NONE. Make the decision to get out of debt one decision at a time folks. You can do it. We are doing it and will finish this RACE WITH GAZELLE INTENSITY. We are now full time work at home parents with hubby enjoying his side gigs with Uber and Zoomer. Life is becoming better each day.


Breaking down my thoughts after reading Matthew 6:1-4

I was challenged to read this beautiful yet challenging passage about a week ago by my spiritual mother Tony Robinson of Well Watered Woman and Tony R Coaching Ministry.

When I first read Matthew 6:1-4, I immediately denied me ever doing such a thing. However, I had to take a good look at where I have come from and remind of where I am now. So yes, I was the one who loved the attention when I did something right or good. I loved helping others only for the simple fact of being praise publicly for it.

You see, I know my truth will help someone else free today. Have you ever blessed someone with a monetary gift or any type of gift from your heart but felt some type of way if they didn’t publicly thank you or place some attention on you?

Check out this verse from Matthew:  ( Don’t Do Good Works to Be Praised by People)

1 “Be careful not to do your good works in public in order to attract attention. If you do, your Father in heaven will not reward you. 2 So when you give to the poor, don’t announce it with trumpet fanfare. This is what hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets in order to be praised by people. I can guarantee this truth: That will be their only reward. 3 When you give to the poor, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. 4 Give your contributions privately.

This verse really convicted me because I was guilty of doing this very thing. I wanted to be seen and praised for the good things I did, not knowing that my heart was drifting further away from the true meaning of the blessing in the first place. Allow this scripture to really sink in folks. What is God trying to tell you in this passage? Do you not know that he will reward you as much in private because of your pure heart? That’s deep. That is very deep.

So, I got a lot of wisdom from this passage. If I do give, If I do bless someone I must be reminded daily to kill my flesh and ask God to allow it to come back triple fold if it’s HIS will. That’s the way to go about it.



The Book of Daniel is an awesome read I tell ya!

Good morning everyone,

So, my sister-friend Shauna challenged me to read the first Chapter of Daniel. Before New Years, I had asked her if she would help hold me accountable with getting deeper into God’s word and making sure to read everyday without falling off.

So I began reading immediately after we got off the phone. I am now opening up my bible to type up this blog post. I am so excited about this thing! 🙂

So I brought out my Commentary along with my God’s Word Translation and began reading.

The Book of Daniel talks about how King Nebechadnezzar had seized the reign of King Jehoaikim. Now, once he had taken over, he had instructed his chief of staff to bring him some noble Israelite men who were healthy looked and definitely knowable about a variety of topics. He also arranged for them to have a daily allowance of the king’s rich food and wine. They were given orders to train for 3 years and then prepare to serve the king. Among the men who were chosen, were 4 Judean men:  Daniel, ( God is my judge) Hananiah (The Lord is gracious), Mishael ( Who is what God is) and Azariah (The Lord has helped me) .

The chief of staff eventually changed their names to Daniel (Belteshazzar, Lady protect the King) Shadrach (I am fearful of of the God), Meshach ( I am of little account) and Abed-Nego (Servant of the god, Nebo).

Now what I love about this chapter is how Daniel decided not to trash his body with the king’s rich foods and wine and had asked the chief of staff for permission to not harm himself in such a way. Back in those days, you just don’t go telling someone including your chief of staff that you don’t want to eat what they have and this made the chief of staff very afraid to tell the king. So, he put a supervisor in charge of the 4 men.

Daniel requested that they test them for 10 days allowing them to eat only vegetables for food and water as their drink. Now as I am reading this passage I am saying to myself “You are only going to eat vegatables?!!!” How can someone live off just that. I am definitely not the one. Definitely NOT the one. Give me a piece of chicken and some red beans and rice please. LOL

Okay, I am cutting up a bit. Thanks for being so patient as I wandered off for the second there. LOL So these 4 men, went 10 days and when they came back to re-access. The men look healthier and stronger then the men who had been eating the king’s food and drink.

Now guess what came out of that test? This blows my mind. Because of their obedience and willingness to eat, drink and live healthy and not dwell on the king’s food, God blessed them with knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to understand dreams and visions.

That is an awesome gift indeed! To be given such a tremendous gift from God, our father. I challenge you to read the first Chapter of Daniel and share in the comments what YOU got out of it.

What I took from this chapter: Don’t try to blend in to remain faithful to the world, but instead, stand out to remain faithful to God. 

It’s a New Year and My Mind is in Thinking Mode

As I brought in the New Year with my hubby and our 11 month old son Jordan, (our other 3 were knocked out: sleep) I began thinking. No, really, I was thinking about SO much.

I remember growing up and wanting (keyword is WANTING) to experience different things. I was always wanting to experiment and try new things. I hated being inside of a box because it made me feel claustrophobic. Yet, I was afraid of moving forward, afraid of embracing change, embracing who God wanted me to be because of fear. Fear of the unknown and worrying about what others would say about me.

I was afraid to speak my mind about what mattered most but the funny thing is when I was in school I spoke my mind about the wrong things that didn’t bring about change, it brought about drama. My first, middle and last name was DRAMA. I craved for it. I lived for it during my teenage years. Why? because it was what everyone was doing and seeking and I blended in.. So I thought…. I lost many friends because of my drama. MANY.

Yet, here I am in 2016, THINKING again. 🙂

I am sitting here thinking about our history, thinking about change, thinking about my hubby and our children and the direction God wants me to go in this time around. My hubby and I had a long talk on New Year’s Eve about my feelings on segregation/diversity in the church. I talked to him about the reality of what is occurring in front of our eyes yet we are silent. Afraid to voice our hearts. It’s awesome how I can share my innermost thoughts with my best friend, the love of my life. (Joseph)

We often avoid talking about things that really matter in the community because it doesn’t make us comfortable. We don’t want to talk about black people getting killed by white police because then we are considered racist and without knowledge. We sure don’t want to talk about white cops getting killed by blacks because then we are still racist. We don’t want to talk politics because we then lose friends, We say we want to see change, but we still live in our comfort zone.

We want to see diversity and a difference, yet we still live in “segregated” mindset and environment. Many of us only hang out with our own “kind”and never show the true love and colors of Christ. My heart is so heavy writing this because it seems like history is starting to repeat itself. If we don’t step outside the box and live how Jesus lived which is loving everyone, and being the change for our children, and their children we won’t ever experience the beauty of colors and be “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are Free at last.

I just checked out a verse from Google: Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

God didn’t favor just one race. He loved us all. He meets us where we are. Yet, that’s not what I am seeing in today’s society especially the church.

So, for 2016, I decided to BE that change and begin voicing my heart towards true equality. I may lose a LOT of friends but if we don’t set a strong foundation and standard for our children, how will we ever experience change? I am lover of all. Even when I may not get hugged by that person at church who still doesn’t like “blacks”.  Even when I am told by a white person that I will never be successful because of the color my skin.

Welp, I think the lie detector determined THAT WAS A LIE as I have published not one but three books and had the honor of managing a rather successful VA team in 2013. I AM A CONQUEROR AND VICTORIOUS.

I think I am done thinking for now. Until then, I am going to finish reading The Book of Daniel. 🙂



Welcome to My Blog!

Hey everyone!

Well, I always said I would start writing/blogging again and sharing my thoughts but somehow along the way I got discouraged. Yet, you see these words that I have written and I am sure you are just as excited as I am because my passion for writing is turned back on again is ON FIRE.

I am sure you are wondering what to expect from my blog since I am definitely a creative, funny and loving character who enjoys making people laugh and experience peace through my blogging. Well, you will experience an authentic, honest, loving, creative journey of a woman who has endured so much in life and I am just giddy to share it with the world.

My name is LaToya Gay, and I approved this message. Now let’s get back to blogging shall we?! 🙂