About LaToya

Who is LaToya Gay?









Pieces of me: 

I was born on September 17.

I graduated from Caroline High School, Milford, VA in June 2002.

I am a 32 years old.

I am wife of 7 years.

I love to sing, write songs and plays.

I am the mother of 4 outstanding children.

I am a servant of God. ( I am on FIRE for Christ)


My Accomplishments/Credentials and Features:

I have over 10 years of executive level administrative experience.

Started my own business (VirtuallyNSync, LLC) in 2012.

Certification in Marriage Works Course.

Licensed/Ordained Minister.

Started my own virtual assistant team in 2013.

Featured in an interview with Tamyka Washington of Marketing her Way.

Featured as a Woman in Business with Tamyka Washington of Marketing her Way.

 Nominated for “Woman of the Year” with WERock Awards.

 Ranked #65 on the Top 100 Leading Moms in Business.

Featured in an interview with Leslie Truex of Work at Home Success.

My Hobbies: 

I love to sing.

I love to travel.

I love spending time with my beautiful family.

I love praise and worship.

I love reading, reading, reading LOTS OF IT.

I love to write poetry and songs.


Meet my beautiful family! 







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