The Book of Daniel is an awesome read I tell ya!

Good morning everyone,

So, my sister-friend Shauna challenged me to read the first Chapter of Daniel. Before New Years, I had asked her if she would help hold me accountable with getting deeper into God’s word and making sure to read everyday without falling off.

So I began reading immediately after we got off the phone. I am now opening up my bible to type up this blog post. I am so excited about this thing! 🙂

So I brought out my Commentary along with my God’s Word Translation and began reading.

The Book of Daniel talks about how King Nebechadnezzar had seized the reign of King Jehoaikim. Now, once he had taken over, he had instructed his chief of staff to bring him some noble Israelite men who were healthy looked and definitely knowable about a variety of topics. He also arranged for them to have a daily allowance of the king’s rich food and wine. They were given orders to train for 3 years and then prepare to serve the king. Among the men who were chosen, were 4 Judean men:  Daniel, ( God is my judge) Hananiah (The Lord is gracious), Mishael ( Who is what God is) and Azariah (The Lord has helped me) .

The chief of staff eventually changed their names to Daniel (Belteshazzar, Lady protect the King) Shadrach (I am fearful of of the God), Meshach ( I am of little account) and Abed-Nego (Servant of the god, Nebo).

Now what I love about this chapter is how Daniel decided not to trash his body with the king’s rich foods and wine and had asked the chief of staff for permission to not harm himself in such a way. Back in those days, you just don’t go telling someone including your chief of staff that you don’t want to eat what they have and this made the chief of staff very afraid to tell the king. So, he put a supervisor in charge of the 4 men.

Daniel requested that they test them for 10 days allowing them to eat only vegetables for food and water as their drink. Now as I am reading this passage I am saying to myself “You are only going to eat vegatables?!!!” How can someone live off just that. I am definitely not the one. Definitely NOT the one. Give me a piece of chicken and some red beans and rice please. LOL

Okay, I am cutting up a bit. Thanks for being so patient as I wandered off for the second there. LOL So these 4 men, went 10 days and when they came back to re-access. The men look healthier and stronger then the men who had been eating the king’s food and drink.

Now guess what came out of that test? This blows my mind. Because of their obedience and willingness to eat, drink and live healthy and not dwell on the king’s food, God blessed them with knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to understand dreams and visions.

That is an awesome gift indeed! To be given such a tremendous gift from God, our father. I challenge you to read the first Chapter of Daniel and share in the comments what YOU got out of it.

What I took from this chapter: Don’t try to blend in to remain faithful to the world, but instead, stand out to remain faithful to God. 

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